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Recreation Basketball Ministry



Cecil Rivers

In Christianity, ministry has been defined as an activity carried out by Christians to express or spread their faith, it has also been defined simply as “carrying forth Christ’s mission in the world”. The CFBC boy’s basketball ministry has truly accomplished both. Considering the various ministries at CFBC, I personally could not be more proud to be a part of such a meaningful mission. The CFBC boy’s basketball ministry has become a model for those who thirst to have an input and influence on the lives of our young black male youth. The concept of using the church gym to attract young men to play basketball as a way to introduce them to Christianity and enlighten them spiritually was first envisioned by Deacon Cecil Rivers, several years ago. The ministry has come a long way, since its inception. We now have between 60-80 young men every Thursday night that participate in the CFBC boy’s basketball ministry. We also have a staff of approximately 10-20 volunteers made up of both church members as well as members of other Christian based organizations. These volunteers serve and provide the leadership and guidance that has enhanced the lives of these youth. The structure of the ministry consists of (1) allowing the kids to play basketball, (2) providing a speaker, (3) Prayer, (4) providing a meal for the kids. The kids have been mentored and exposed to various professionals. Many topics such as Religion, Education, Career Orientation, Health, Finances and various other topics have been discussed. This formula has truly been successful. It’s important to be willing to give, both to the Lord and his church, and to other people in need. But to be able to help someone, whose life is so challenged, and faces so many negative stigmatisms as our young black youth face. It’s very rewarding to see the growth and progress of these young men. Many still struggle with their faith, but we occasionally see the results of our mission with the attendance of some of these young men at our worship services. In the short term the success of the CFBC boy’s basketball ministry may seem minimal to some. But the long-term effects will be everlasting.