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CFBC Ministry Profile



Paul Honeywood
770-997-4087 •

This ministry serves as a support unit to the pastor to ensure that all members of the congregation are involved in a meaningful manner in and gain benefit from participation in the ministry and life of the church body.

Deacons shall at all times regard themselves as servants of the church. Deacons must already and continue to abide by the principles laid down in 1 Timothy 3:8-13; Acts 6:1-6.

The Deacon Staff shall be responsible for maintaining a systematic plan of personal ministry to the entire church family. This is an extension of the pastoral ministry of the church and will be coordinated with the work of the Pastor..

The Deacons will lead in developing and atmosphere of true Christian concern for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of individuals and families within the CFBC membership. .

The Deacons will be active in responding to these needs and leading others to develop the skills to minister effectively to one another..

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