What a Fellowship!

Welcome to the Christian Fellowship Baptist Church online experience. It is our prayer that as you view this video, you will get to know our church, our Pastor, our commitment to Christian fellowship, our commitment to growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ; and our expression of Christian love through ministry and service.

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Christian Fellowship Baptist Church

Christian Fellowship Baptist Church, an offspring of Union Baptist Church, was organized and established in 1991 by a group of church leaders and Christian visionaries. Woodward Academy and Benjamin E. Mays High School, respectively, were the sites of worship services for this new church before the permanent location at 1500 Norman Drive in College Park, Georgia. Christian Fellowship Baptist Church was constituted by the Southern Baptist Convention in May 1991 with more than 448 Charter members.

We invite you to explore and learn about our history below.

Christian Fellowship BC Time Capsule:

Christian Fellowship BC History Highlights:

    The Church was constituted in May 1991
    448 Charter Members
    1st Pastor Dr. Emmanuel McCall 1991
    Gained ownership of the property 1993
    Mortgage paid in full December 31, 2000
    2nd Pastor Dr. Matthew V. Johnson 2004
    3rd Pastor Rev. Dr. Keith L. Reynolds Interim 2008, Elected 2011

Christian Fellowship Baptist Church History:

In May 1991, Dr. Emmanuel McCall was elected pastor. Under his leadership, membership grew and the church moved forward with many programs and activities that impacted the church and community. Highlighted among these were the historical motorcade and journey from Mays High School to the new church site, the Jubilee Celebration with banners made and presented by each ministry, the installation of the Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) and the Brotherhood, the Leadership Appreciation Luncheon, the Blessing-In-Giving, (BIG) campaign, the dramatic production of “MJ: Modern Job,” the memorable mortgage burning ceremony noting the mortgage debt had been paid in full December 31, 2000, and many facility and property renovations. Church membership exceeded twelve hundred and church ministries exceeded thirty. On August 31, 2003, Pastor McCall announced his plan to retire.

On December 1, 2004, Dr. Matthew V. Johnson was elected the second pastor of Christian Fellow Baptist Church. Under Pastor Johnson’s leadership, the church approved the vision of “Stepping Up to the Challenge,” a financial plan to support the Pastor’s vision for the church wherein members were to give over and beyond their tithes and offerings on each fifth Sunday. Under his leadership, the church underwent major facility renovations and many church-wide activities and events were initiated. He established the Liberty Learning Literacy Society in July 2005; the first Young Men’s Breakfast; and the division of the church membership into tribes. Pastor Johnson preached his last sermon as the Pastor of Christian Fellowship Baptist Church on Sunday, January 27, 2008.

On June 1, 2008, Rev. Dr. Keith L. Reynolds was appointed Interim Pastor. Under his leadership the church engaged in many mission-focused activities and the expansion of many church-wide projects. Highlighted among these are the following: summer camp for youth in the community, mission outreach projects, visitations to the sick and shut-in, expansion of church/school partnerships and special programs involving youth and young adults, along with the purchase of a 22-passenger church bus with wheelchair accommodations, computer system upgrades and e-tools including the creation of a website and electronic notifications to members.

On January 30, 2011, Rev. Reynolds was elected by the congregation to serve as the third Pastor of Christian Fellowship Baptist Church. He announced that his vision as Pastor was to carry out the “Great Commission” through church ministries and programs all designed to draw people to the Lord and to give praise to God. Rev. Keith L. Reynolds has moved forward with the church to implement and expand kingdom-building programs and events. Highlighted among these are the following: a Thursday morning Bible study class, youth focused Sundays, and youth night during anniversary celebrations.