automate payments
  • Select A Contribution Type

    The drop-down list indicates each of the types of contributions which can be made through this form. If the intended item is not in the list, please use the "Contributions" form here.

  • Enter An Amount

    Enter the amount of your contribution without a $ dollar sign. An example amount entry would be: 50.00

  • Enter Your MemberID / Envelope #

    Enter your Member ID so we can reflect the contribution on your Member Statement.

  • Not a Member or don't know your Member ID

    If you're not a Church Member or don't know your Member ID, enter NONE in the MemberID field.

  • Enter Frequency and Payment Cycle

    For example to set contributions to occur every two weeks: Frequency = 2 & Cycle = weeks.

 You Can Access Your Recurring Payments Anytime:

  • Make Changes
  • View History
  • Cancel Recurring Payments

Simply login to with the email address and password you used when you setup recurring payments.