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Christian Fellowship Baptist Church hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. Our ministries plan programs, classes, luncheons, conferences, outreach, community meetings, special events, fellowship gatherings, plays, musical performances and much more. Most events and all worship services are open to the public.

 Featured Events

 Scheduled CFBC Events

Event Title Date Weekday Time
  Annual Usher Training2/16/19Sat10:00 AM
  Africian American Attire Day2/17/19Sun
  Fellowship Meal2/17/19Sun
  Worship Service2/17/19Sun11:00 AM
  Acteens Mission2/17/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery2/17/19Sun11:00 AM
  Royal Ambassadors2/17/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion2/17/19Sun10:45 AM
  SMBS2/17/19Sun9:30 AM
  Boy Scout Meeting2/19/19Tue6:30 PM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study2/19/19Tue6:30 PM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling2/20/19Wed5:55 AM
  Yoga Training2/21/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay2/21/19Thu10:30 AM
  Basketball Ministry2/21/19Thu6:00 PM
  Acteens Father-Daughter Activity2/23/19Sat
  Mission Friends2/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Worship Service2/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery2/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Royal Ambassadors2/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  GA's Meeting2/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion2/24/19Sun10:45 AM
  SMBS2/24/19Sun9:30 AM
  Boy Scout Meeting2/26/19Tue6:30 PM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study2/26/19Tue6:30 PM
  A Taste of Our Heritage Program2/26/19Tue10:00 AM
  Senior Adult Ministry2/26/19Tue10:00 AM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling2/27/19Wed5:55 AM
  Deacons' Council2/27/19Wed
  Yoga Training2/28/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay2/28/19Thu10:30 AM
  Basketball Ministry2/28/19Thu6:00 PM
  Deacons Meeting3/2/19Sat9:00 AM
  SMBS3/3/19Sun9:30 AM
  Church Nursery3/3/19Sun11:00 AM
  Mission Friends3/3/19Sun11:00 AM
  GA's Meeting3/3/19Sun11:00 AM
  Communion3/3/19Sun11:00 AM
  Baptism3/3/19Sun11:00 AM
  Worship Service3/3/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion3/3/19Sun10:45 AM
  Senior Adult Ministry3/5/19Tue10:00 AM
  Winter Revival3/6/19Wed7:00 PM
  Boy Scout Meeting3/6/19Wed6:30 PM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study3/6/19Wed6:30 PM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling3/6/19Wed5:55 AM
  Yoga Training3/7/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay3/7/19Thu10:30 AM
  Winter Revival3/7/19Thu7:00 PM
  Winter Revival3/8/19Fri7:00 PM
  Mission Conclave3/9/19Sat9:00 AM
  Worship Service3/10/19Sun11:00 AM
  Acteens Church3/10/19Sun11:00 AM
  Mission Friends3/10/19Sun11:00 AM
  WMU / Boy Scouts Focus3/10/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery3/10/19Sun11:00 AM
  GA's Meeting3/10/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion3/10/19Sun10:45 AM
  SMBS3/10/19Sun9:30 AM
  Boy Scout Meeting3/12/19Tue6:30 PM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study3/12/19Tue6:30 PM
  Senior Adult Ministry3/12/19Tue10:00 AM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling3/13/19Wed5:55 AM
  Yoga Training3/14/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay3/14/19Thu10:30 AM
  Basketball Ministry3/14/19Thu6:00 PM
  Africian American Attire Day3/17/19Sun
  Fellowship Meal3/17/19Sun
  Worship Service3/17/19Sun11:00 AM
  Men/Brotherhood Day3/17/19Sun11:00 AM
  Acteens Mission3/17/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery3/17/19Sun11:00 AM
  Royal Ambassadors3/17/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion3/17/19Sun10:45 AM
  SMBS3/17/19Sun9:30 AM
  Boy Scout Meeting3/19/19Tue6:30 PM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study3/19/19Tue6:30 PM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling3/20/19Wed5:55 AM
  Yoga Training3/21/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay3/21/19Thu10:30 AM
  Basketball Ministry3/21/19Thu6:00 PM
  Acteens Father-Daughter Activity3/23/19Sat
  SMBS3/24/19Sun9:30 AM
  Deacons' Devotion3/24/19Sun10:45 AM
  GA's Meeting3/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Royal Ambassadors3/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery3/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Conference3/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Worship Service3/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Mission Friends3/24/19Sun11:00 AM
  Boy Scout Meeting3/26/19Tue6:30 PM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study3/26/19Tue6:30 PM
  Senior Adult Ministry3/26/19Tue10:00 AM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling3/27/19Wed5:55 AM
  Basketball Ministry3/28/19Thu6:00 PM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay3/28/19Thu10:30 AM
  Yoga Training3/28/19Thu12:30 AM
  Medical Assistance CPR Certification Class3/30/19Sat9:00 AM
  BIG3/31/19Sun11:00 AM
  Mission Friends3/31/19Sun11:00 AM
  Worship Service3/31/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery3/31/19Sun11:00 AM
  Royal Ambassadors3/31/19Sun11:00 AM
  GA's Meeting3/31/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion3/31/19Sun10:45 AM
  SMBS3/31/19Sun9:30 AM
  Senior Adult Ministry4/2/19Tue10:00 AM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study4/2/19Tue6:30 PM
  Boy Scout Meeting4/3/19Wed6:30 PM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling4/3/19Wed5:55 AM
  Yoga Training4/4/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay4/4/19Thu10:30 AM
  Deacons' Meeting4/6/19Sat9:00 AM
  SMBS4/7/19Sun9:30 AM
  Church Nursery4/7/19Sun11:00 AM
  Mission Friends4/7/19Sun11:00 AM
  GA's Meeting4/7/19Sun11:00 AM
  Communion4/7/19Sun11:00 AM
  Baptism4/7/19Sun11:00 AM
  Worship Service4/7/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion4/7/19Sun10:45 AM
  Senior Adult Ministry4/9/19Tue10:00 AM
  Boy Scout Meeting4/10/19Wed6:30 PM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study4/10/19Wed6:30 PM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling4/10/19Wed5:55 AM
  Yoga Training4/11/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay4/11/19Thu10:30 AM
  Hands of Mission Day4/13/19Sat9:00 AM
  Writers' Media Workship4/13/19Sat
  Fellowship Meal4/14/19Sun
  Worship Service4/14/19Sun11:00 AM
  Acteens Church4/14/19Sun11:00 AM
  Mission Friends4/14/19Sun11:00 AM
  Worship Service Palm Sunday4/14/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery4/14/19Sun11:00 AM
  GA's Meeting4/14/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion4/14/19Sun10:45 AM
  SMBS4/14/19Sun9:30 AM
  Boy Scout Meeting4/16/19Tue6:30 PM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study4/16/19Tue6:30 PM
  Senior Adult Ministry4/16/19Tue10:00 AM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling4/17/19Wed5:55 AM
  Yoga Training4/18/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay4/18/19Thu10:30 AM
  Basketball Ministry4/18/19Thu6:00 PM
  Easter Sunday Worship Service4/21/19Sun11:00 AM
  Men/Brotherhood Day4/21/19Sun11:00 AM
  Acteens Mission4/21/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery4/21/19Sun11:00 AM
  Royal Ambassadors4/21/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion4/21/19Sun10:45 AM
  SMBS Easter Program4/21/19Sun9:30 AM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study4/23/19Tue6:30 PM
  Boy Scout Meeting4/23/19Tue6:30 PM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling4/24/19Wed5:55 AM
  Yoga Training4/25/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay4/25/19Thu10:30 AM
  Basketball Ministry4/25/19Thu6:00 PM
  SMBS Review Meeting4/27/19Sat
  Women's Prayer Breakfast4/27/19Sat
  Mission Friends4/28/19Sun11:00 AM
  Women's Day Worship Service4/28/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Conference4/28/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery4/28/19Sun11:00 AM
  Royal Ambassadors4/28/19Sun11:00 AM
  GA's Meeting4/28/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion4/28/19Sun10:45 AM
  SMBS4/28/19Sun9:30 AM
  Senior Adult Ministry4/30/19Tue10:00 AM
  Tuesday Night Bible Study4/30/19Tue6:30 PM
  Boy Scout Meeting4/30/19Tue6:30 PM
  Wednesday Morning Prayer Calling5/1/19Wed5:55 AM
  Yoga Training5/2/19Thu12:30 AM
  Thursday Morning Bible Studay5/2/19Thu10:30 AM
  Basketball Ministry5/2/19Thu6:00 PM
  Medical Assistance CPR Certification Class5/4/19Sat9:00 AM
  Worship Service5/5/19Sun11:00 AM
  Church Nursery5/5/19Sun11:00 AM
  Royal Ambassadors5/5/19Sun11:00 AM
  GA's Meeting5/5/19Sun11:00 AM
  Deacons' Devotion5/5/19Sun10:45 AM
  SMBS5/5/19Sun9:30 AM
  Mission Friends5/5/19Sun11:00 AM